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Balloons Restaurant-Pizza & Coffee Shop              مطعم بلونز
Serves delicious varieties of pizza and pasta dishes,made fresh to order.
Location: Al Karkafeh Street-Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 275 0221
Al Koukh-Restaurant & Coffee Shop                         مطعم الكوخ
Fine dining with a variety of meal selection.  Enjoy a coffee and smoke pipe at the
downstairs coffee shop.
Location: Manger Street-Bethlehem
Tel: 0599 767674   0522 767655
Milano Restaurant-pizza & coffee shop                      مطعم ميلانو
Serves fine pizza, pasta and grills.
Location: Jerusalem-Hebron Street, Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 274 8924    Mob: 059 908 7818
La Terrasse Restaurant                                 مطعم لاتيراس
Fine dining in a relaxing atmosphere with a variety of international cuisines for special
events. Catering services available.
Location: Al Karkafeh Street-Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 275 0221  Fax: (02) 275 3678  Mobile: 0599 201 200
Afteem Restaurant                                              مطعم افتيم
Famous restaurant in Bethlehem and is the only restaurant that makes a Real Traditional
Meal.  FALAFEL, HUMUS, FOUL, SALADS.... Since 1948
Location: Manger Square-Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 274 7940
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The Square Restaurant & Coffee Shop
Right in the heart of Manger Square         
Location: Manger Square, Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 2749844    Fax: (02) 274 1263    Mob: 0599 245 025
Al Housani Restaurant                       مطعم و مشاوي الحوساني
Assorted BBQ, beef and chicken shewerma, kebab, shishtaouk, steak, beef, stuffed lamb,
grilled chicken and much more.
Location: Jerusalem Hebron Street                                     
Tel: (02) 274 8390                         Mob: 0599 231 431
Citadel Restaurant                                                   مطعم القلعة
Ramzy Burger                                                           رمزي بورغر
Serves Hamburgers and fried chicken
Location: Manger Street, Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 276 7788  (02) 277 6316                        
BARBRA Restaurant                                           مطعم باربرا
"The Best View In Town"
Seafood-Italian Food-French Food-Oriental Food-Pizza (Delivery Available)
Location: Arab Society Street-Beit Jala
Telfax: (02) 274 0130          Mobile: 0599 818 461
Murad Restaurant
BARBRA Restaurant
Grotto Restaurant                               مطعم مغارة الرعاة السياحي
This spacious restaurant holds 30 large tables and has been designed in a Bedouin Style
Location: Shepherds' Field, Beit Sahour
Tel: +9722 274 8844   Fax: +972 2 274 8889
Rozana Restaurant                                           مطعم الروزانا
إدارته و طاقمه الجديد
نستقبل حفلاتكم و مناسباتكم الخاصه
Oriental and Western Food-Take Away Service
Location: Bethlehem University Street-Bethlehem PO Box 958
Tel: (02) 277 8388         Mobile: 0598 890547  0598 151827
Email:                                view details
Shepherds Valley Village-Tent Restaurant           مطعم الخيمة
Experience the pleasure of the Orient         
Location: Shepherds' Field Street. Beit Sahour
Tel: (02) 277 3875    Fax: (02) 277 3876    Mob: 052 2 396 898
Dollar Restaurant                                             مطعم الدولار
الدجاج الشهية و وجبات ستيك و ساندويشات   
Location: Manger Street, Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 274 4007   Mob: 0597 883445
La Terrasse Restaurant
Dollar Restaurant
Grotto Restaurant
Fast Food. Hard & Soft drinks.
A special place near the Milk Grotto.  Cozy and warm atmosphere.
Location: Milk Grotto Street, Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 276 6535   Mob: 056 8133522                     
Coffee House Bethlehem
Roots Lounge      
A warm place where you can enjoy time and privacy with your friends and family,with a
cocktail or a fine local beer.
Location: Ararat Circle, Beit Sahour
Mob: 0598 969665    0598 939 054                    
Rozana Restaurant
Ramzy Burger
Shepherds Valley Restaurant-The Tent
Murad Tourist Hotel & Resort           مطعم مراد
بوفيه مفتوح أو قائمة وجبات الطعام المتاحة
Tel: +972 2 275 9880  Fax:+972 2 275 9881
Murad Restaurant
Citadel Restaurant