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Balloons Restaurant-Pizza & Coffee Shop              مطعم بلونز
Serves delicious varieties of pizza and pasta dishes,made fresh to order.
Location: Al Karkafeh Street-Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 275 0221
Al Koukh-Restaurant & Coffee Shop                         مطعم الكوخ
Fine dining with a variety of meal selection.  Enjoy a coffee and smoke pipe at the
downstairs coffee shop.
Location: Manger Street-Bethlehem
Tel: 0599 767674   0522 767655
Milano Restaurant-pizza & coffee shop                      مطعم ميلانو
Serves fine pizza, pasta and grills.
Location: Jerusalem-Hebron Street, Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 274 8924    Mob: 059 908 7818
La Terrasse Restaurant                                 مطعم لاتيراس
Fine dining in a relaxing atmosphere with a variety of international cuisines for special
events. Catering services available.
Location: Al Karkafeh Street-Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 275 0221  Fax: (02) 275 3678  Mobile: 0599 201 200
Afteem Restaurant                                              مطعم افتيم
Famous restaurant in Bethlehem and is the only restaurant that makes a Real Traditional
Meal.  FALAFEL, HUMUS, FOUL, SALADS.... Since 1948
Location: Manger Square-Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 274 7940
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The Square Restaurant & Coffee Shop
Right in the heart of Manger Square         
Location: Manger Square, Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 2749844    Fax: (02) 274 1263    Mob: 0599 245 025
Al Housani Restaurant                       مطعم و مشاوي الحوساني
Assorted BBQ, beef and chicken shewerma, kebab, shishtaouk, steak, beef, stuffed lamb,
grilled chicken and much more.
Location: Jerusalem Hebron Street                                     
Tel: (02) 274 8390                         Mob: 0599 231 431
Citadel Restaurant                                                   مطعم القلعة
Mediterranean restaurant since 1860.
Location: البلد القديمة , Beit Sahour
Tel: (02)  277 7771
Ramzy Burger                                                           رمزي بورغر
Serves Hamburgers and fried chicken
Location: Manger Street, Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 276 7788  (02) 277 6316                        
BARBRA Restaurant                                           مطعم باربرا
"The Best View In Town"
Seafood-Italian Food-French Food-Oriental Food-Pizza (Delivery Available)
Location: Arab Society Street-Beit Jala
Telfax: (02) 274 0130          Mobile: 0599 818 461
Murad Restaurant
Afteem Restaurant
Al Housani Restaurant
Al Koukh Restaurant
Balloons Restaurant
Barbra Restaurant
Citadel Restaurant
Coffee House Bethlehem
Dollar Restaurant
Grotto Restaurant
La Terrase Restaurant
Milano Restaurant
Ramzy Burger
Roots Lounge
Rozana Restaurant
Samer's Restaurant

The Square

Tent Restaurant
Turkish Shawarma
BARBRA Restaurant
Grotto Restaurant                               مطعم مغارة الرعاة السياحي
This spacious restaurant holds 30 large tables and has been designed in a Bedouin Style
Location: Shepherds' Field, Beit Sahour
Tel: +9722 274 8844   Fax: +972 2 274 8889
Rozana Restaurant                                           مطعم الروزانا
إدارته و طاقمه الجديد
نستقبل حفلاتكم و مناسباتكم الخاصه
Oriental and Western Food-Take Away Service
Location: Bethlehem University Street-Bethlehem PO Box 958
Tel: (02) 277 8388         Mobile: 0598 890547  0598 151827
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Shepherds Valley Village-Tent Restaurant           مطعم الخيمة
Experience the pleasure of the Orient         
Location: Shepherds' Field Street. Beit Sahour
Tel: (02) 277 3875    Fax: (02) 277 3876    Mob: 052 2 396 898
Dollar Restaurant                                             مطعم الدولار
الدجاج الشهية و وجبات ستيك و ساندويشات   
Location: Manger Street, Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 274 4007   Mob: 0597 883445
La Terrasse Restaurant
Dollar Restaurant
Grotto Restaurant
Fast Food. Hard & Soft drinks.
A special place near the Milk Grotto.  Cozy and warm atmosphere.
Location: Milk Grotto Street, Bethlehem
Tel: (02) 276 6535   Mob: 056 8133522                     
Coffee House Bethlehem
Roots Lounge      
A warm place where you can enjoy time and privacy with your friends and family,with a
cocktail or a fine local beer.
Location: Ararat Circle, Beit Sahour
Mob: 0598 969665    0598 939 054                    
Rozana Restaurant
Ramzy Burger
Shepherds Valley Restaurant-The Tent
Murad Tourist Hotel & Resort           مطعم مراد
بوفيه مفتوح أو قائمة وجبات الطعام المتاحة
Tel: +972 2 275 9880  Fax:+972 2 275 9881
Murad Restaurant
Citadel Restaurant